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I love my fabric stash. LOVE IT! I use to buy fabric with wild abandon. If it was cheap, it was mine. I coulnd't pass up a good deal. I soon learned that wasn't a good plan. I ended up with a ton of fabric I just didn't like. So I refined my method. I only purchased fabrics that I loved. Like I couldn't live without love. Printed fabrics with beautiful designs I buy 4 yards at a time so I can get a throw sized quilt back out of it. 4 yards is a commitment. I have to really love it. Solids, near solids and geometric prints I buy 1 yard at a time. Mostly I stick to solids and near solids and never batiks. NEVER BATIKS. No offence to those who love them, I just can't get behind them. I love having a great selection of fabrics for a few simple reasons.


  1. I love them. I love looking at them. If I'm having a bad day you can often find me sitting with my fabrics reorgaizing them and just enjoying their beauty. 
  2. I like having lots of options when I'm inspired. 

I'm often inspired by flowers, nature, art and completely random things. Amazing colour combinations get my heart going and I have to recreate them with my fabrics. I may not ever make a quilt out of those fabrics but I love the practice of pulling my fabrics and combining them together. Here is a sneak peak into my process. 

img photo

I often find photos on Instagram for inspiration. This beautiful floral arrangement is from The Floral Atelier in Singapore. I really loved the cominations of pinks, oranges and yellows. They pop from the white container they are in. If I lived even remotely close to Singapore this would be mine. 

img phoneinfabric

I often spend a few minutes rearranging my fabric so I can get a better view of all my fabrics. This is just one of two cabinets I store my fabric in. This one has all my solids and near solids minus the neurals that live in another cabinet. There simply wasn't room for it all. I like to really get in there with my phone right with me so I can really compare my fabrics to the colours in the photo.

img initialpull

 Then I just go to town and start pulling out all the fabrics that I think will be right. If I pull it I take it on to the next stage. I try not to put a lot of thought into this step. I go with my gut.

img swatches

Sometimes I end up with 10 different yellows pulled and none of them are exactly right. Then out come the fabric swatches and I start looking through them. Then I add those colours to a list of fabrics that I need to buy on my next fabric order. There is always a next fabric order. I also really need to get some swatch books for some other fabric lines. 

img piles

After I pull a couple massive piles of fabric I lay them out on my counter and start weeding through them. I often pick out the neutrals first because they are easy.

img neutrals

When I have all the colours together I pick the one fabric that I feel is the key colour of the group. This one will become the fabric that I match all the rest of the fabrics to. Sometimes the colour may be almost right but the tone doesn't go with the main fabric. I keep going until I feel like I have all the right fabrics.

img sideslant

Sometimes at this point I feel like I have a good collection baed on the inspiration and stop there. I'm really liking this collection so I'm going to stop there. Other times I use this collection as a starting point and start to add in new colours that I feel will really add to the whole effect. Really, its just a lot of play. And a lot of mess. 

img front


Fabrics from this pull (bottom to top):

Valentine - Kona

Watermelon - Kona

Burst - Designer Essentials

Burnt Orange - Pure Elements

Corn Yellow - Kona

Idea Bright - Kona

Mint - Kona 

Meringue - Kona 

Snow - Painters Palette

Snow - Pure Elements


Stay Cool!

- Amanda