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Confession: When I sew I watch tv. When I’m sewing a lot I end up watching approx 6 hours of tv a day.

I’m pretty sure that’s wayyyyyy over the recommended tv watching guideline.

My Mum is reacting in horror.

She raised me  better than that!

We never had cable or satellite growing up. We had an antenna that you tuned with a dial thingy. I try to listen to books on tape (audiobooks! I can never remember to call them audiobooks! Who even has a tape player anymore) or pod casts but meh. With TV there’s no pressure. I miss a scene or 5 eventually it makes sense sort of. Audiobooks (I did it!) And podcasts I end up missing too much and there are no picture clues and dang-it I get so lost and spend so much time back tracking. It’s not good. So TV it is. You can imagine, I zip through series at lightening speed. I do spend the fall and early winter rewatching Gilmore Girls every year. Every time it ends, I cry, I’m depressed, I get angry that it ended the way it did and I swear I won’t watch it again. We all know that next October I will get the itch and start again. I digress. 


img annewitheIn December I was struggling with the Randomly Creative prompt of Preformance. Where do I go with that? What kind of performance? How will I quilt that? Then I was watching CBC’s Anne with an E. I’m a huge Anne of Green Gables fan. I love that this new adaptation is progressive and the women kick butt **** Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the latest season unless you like spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!****** In one episode Prissy Andrews is set to marry Mr. Phillips. Prissy was suppose to continue on with her education after the wedding but then Mr. Phillips decides that she would be better off setting up their home and helping them climb the social ladder. Prissy is unsure of this. At the very last moment Prissy decides she rather go to  college than social climb and runs out of the church and Anne and her friends follow. Then these ladies dance and laugh outside of the church in a snow covered field. Throwing off the social obligations of the time and deciding that life is more than getting married and being a wife. Gah! It still brings tears to my eyes. Maybe its because I have 2 little girls? Maybe its because I’ve watched too many women try to live the dream of being a wife, having kids and then realize that they want more, oh so much more! (I'm not knocking the wife/kid dream. I have friends where this is their dream, they are living it, they are rocking it and I'm so extremely happy that they are living the life they love) Very long story short that moment, that image sparked something in me. That was the performance I needed. 


img snowdancedoneI'm drawn to triangles and decided to represent the ladies as triangles. I designed a foundation paper pieced pattern in EQ8 (quilt designing software). I really like foundation piecing when I want crisp clean points and exact positioning. I wanted the quilting to represent the movement of the ladies dancing and playing in the snow. I took care to stop and start the quilting at the triangles. This gives the effect that the triangles are above the quilting, allowing it to be foot prints under their feet. To finish the piece I decided to try facing for the very first time. I really loved the effect and will be using this technique again in the future. I really love how it all came together. 

Stay cool!

- Amanda