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I love deadlines! Obscure references to some time in the future that a thing must be done by does not work for me. I need to know concrete details. If you say to me “Come over whenever you’re ready.” I will probably show up 10 mins later. That’s too obscure for me. If you tell me to come over at 10:30am I will come at 10:25, just ask my friend Maria who runs on her version of Greek time which is typically late. I’m always showing up early

and catching her off guard. 


I’m striving to be more randomly creative and try out new things. But that’s pretty obscure. When should I do that? How often? What should I focus on? Why should I even do it? If I’m creative and no one is watching did I even need to try? My friend Tania (gingerquilts.ca) gets me. So we decided to start up monthly challenges with a key word. We can create anything we want in any medium we want based on the word of the month. AND it has a deadline! The end of each month! 

img randomlycreativeWe would love more people to join in with us. Don’t be intimidated by the words each month. If the word reminds of some obscure other thing which inspires you to paint a land scape filled with purple marshmallow people go for it! (My mind is a weird and wonderful place) If you hate the word and decide that another word would be way better then use your own word. We don’t care. We won’t kick you out of the club. Ok there is no club. Also, if you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid! We all start somewhere!  If you’re so inclined give it a tag on social media (#randomlycreative) and we will look out for it. 


Stay cool!

- Amanda